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It’s sometimes a little bit amazing to me that at the age of 38, I’m still finding the limits of my tolerance for things. It’s also telling that my tolerance for certain things has decreased over the years. Before we go any further in this post, though, I need to […]

Episode 106 – Limiting Evil

Download this episode (right click and save) After over two years as a two-person show, Saving the Game is proud to announce our new permanent host Jenny Dickson! This is her first episode, and she’ll be joining us going forward. The episode starts off with an introduction of Jenny and […]

Episode 99 – Practical Advice for Running Gaming Events (with Mike Perna)

Download this episode (right click and save) Mike Perna of Innroads Ministries joins us at the appointed hour, to give our listeners some real, practical advice on running small gaming events for your church or community! First, though, we talk about a few other things, in no particular order: Our […]