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Episode 177 – Keeping Players in the Loop

This week we have more unstructured, conversational episode for you. Grant and Peter realized back in episode 173 that we’d like to talk about when players know what the GM is planning, but as we talked about the upcoming episode, we all realized that what we had was more of a discussion and a collection of observations than a collection of structured advice.

We start with the usual check-in, which has Peter and Grant both craving classic genre fiction and Jenny the Goblin Queen a bit under the weather. We then move into our Patreon question this week , which comes from Tom Stephens, who asks ” (as someone who just got a MLS degree recently myself – finished in 2016, this one’s for Jenny with a generalized version for the others): What was your most and least favorite class from your library degree program. For the others, what was the most and least favorite class from any training you’ve had recently or even going back to college? ”

From there, we launch into a loose collection of advice and observations that comprise the central topic. More than usual, we can see multiple sides of this and talk about when it’s useful for the players to know more, when it’s not, why you might or might not want to hand out more information in your games, the considerations of various genres, and so on.

Mentioned in this episode: Star Power

Scripture: Psalm 33:10-11, Proverbs 16:3, Matthew 6:25-34

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