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Episode 182 – Cosmic Horror

This week’s episode is the second-quarter Patreon topic (a little late). We’ve referenced cosmic horror a number of times throughout our run, but never in this kind of depth.

As is usual, we spend a bit of time catching up and then move into our Patreon question, supplied this time by Paige Lowe who asks “If you had an unlimited budget to buy one thing for your game, what would it be?” Just wait until you hear what Grant offers as his answer for that one.

With that bit of shock and awe out of the way, we move into our main topic, and boy howdy, is this one ever a doozy. This turned out to be the longest episode we’ve recorded so far in 2020, and we needed every minute of it. If you like the episodes where we go deep, you’ll find this one especially enjoyable. There was a lot to talk about, including subgenres of cosmic horror, using it as a main course vs. a seasoning, adding it to other genres, and of course, the intersection with faith.

Mentioned in this Episode: Harlem Unbound, Rapture: The End of Days, Jeff VanderMeer, Episode 145: Roleplaying Mental Illnesses, Get Out, GURPS Horror (4th ed), GURPS Alternate Earths 1 & 2, GURPS Monsters, Permanent Record

Scripture: Exodus 33:17-23, Job 40: 1-7, Ezekiel 1:4-14, Revelation 13:1-3

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