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Episode 27 – Episodic Structure and Pacing (Science of Storytelling, Part 2)

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Branden, Mike, Peter, and Grant pick up our “Science of Storytelling” series with a discussion of episodic storytelling structure and pacing! Branden walks us through the structure and guides the discussion; and as usual, we come up with examples along the way. See the full show notes for Branden’s suggested outline.

Scripture: Genesis 1:14-18, Matthew 28:19-20

Branden’s suggested episodic structure outline:

  1. I see a problem
  2. and decide to do something
  3. that helps the situation
  4. but something else happens related to one of my actions
  5. and I must deal with that
  6. so the world can be right again

Dan Harmon’s “Story Structure 101″ outline (mildly NSFW language)

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