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Getting this Streaming Thing Sorted Out

Thanks to some pretty extravagant patron generosity and us finally getting around to cleaning up our Patreon tiers, rewards, and goals, we have an expanded explanation of how our streaming will work and some slight changes to the schedule.

As long as we stay over the $60 mark on Patreon, we’ll do a weekly stream. If we stay above the $45 tier but don’t hit $60, it’ll go back to being a biweekly stream. We haven’t been below $45/month in quite some time, so if you enjoy the stream, it should be pretty safe to expect it at least biweekly thanks to the amazing and consistent generosity of our Patreon backers. This, combined with the fact that we record the podcast on alternate Thursdays means we’ll be moving our streaming day to Friday, effective this week.

The obvious follow-up question to this announcement is: why not just produce more podcast content, since that’s our primary focus? The answer is “time.” Podcast planning, recording, and editing means there is a block of about 5-7 hours of work you don’t hear for every hour you do. Planning and recording require all three of us, and streaming comes with none of that extra labor due to its nature. So it’s significantly easier for us to stream than to make extra podcast episodes, especially since streaming only requires one of us at a time!

The timing and content of the streams will be the same as indicated in the introductory post. We’ll be starting around 7-8 in the streaming host’s time zone (Central for me, Eastern for Jenny and Grant) and going for about an hour. The content will be a mix of game streaming mixed with various TTRPG prep from Grant and/or me on occasion. In addition, one of the other things we have planned is a series where Grant, and possibly other people, teach me to play Minecraft because shockingly, it’s 2018 and I’ve never tried it. We’ll put out notifications via Facebook, Twitter, and our Discord as a reminder before the stream starts.

As previously mentioned, we also reserve the right to stream more than this post indicates! Grant will probably continue to stream editing as the opportunity presents itself, and we may do some other special events and whatnot now that we’ve got it all ironed out.

That means for the month of August, our three stream dates are:

Friday, August 17

Friday, August 24

Friday, August 31

Looking forward to seeing you all on the stream chat!



Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash

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