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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a piece I’m working on about my old PC in Grant’s colony game, Lambert Colvin, but I need some additional time to clean it up and bring in some outside quotes and such. I’m going to try to get that out over the long weekend.

However, it’s also Thanksgiving this week, so I’d like to take advantage of the season of to express my gratitude for the podcast and all that’s come with it. I’ve become a better gamer, person, and Christian than I used to be. I’ve made some solid friendships, both with my co-hosts, with other folks in the geeky faith community, with our listeners, and with some other podcasters.

I’m enjoying the best gaming group I’ve ever been a part of, and the industry itself is in a golden age (with actual plays bringing in more people all the time) and crossover between the gaming sphere and things that genuinely benefit those involved in it has never been more vibrant. We have ministries like the podcast sphere the three of us are fortunate to be part of, academic research being done on the hobby, and therapeutic applications being developed.

This week, I thank God for all of our guest hosts, all of our friends in ministry, and all of our listeners for being the wonderful folks you are. You have blessed me, stretched me, made me grow, and helped me process. I am truly, deeply thankful.

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