Fear the Con

Download this episode (right click and save) Grant, Peter, and Jenny discuss playing characters who are much better—or much worse—at things than you yourself are! This topic was selected by our Patreon backers, whom we’re very grateful for and who bring you this show every other week. First, though, we […]

Episode 112 – Playing Above and Below Your Ability

Despite the fact that the word “fear” is right there in the name, there’s really nothing scary at all about Fear the Con. In fact, I can safely say at this point that it’s usually the highlight of my year, or at the very least, my gaming year. It’s hard […]

Nothing to Fear

Download this episode (right click and save) Psychology researcher, professor, and LARPer Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman joins us for a fascinating discussion of LARP and the psychology of play and roleplaying! Sarah had an enormous amount of information to pass along to us about different styles of live-action roleplay, terminology […]

Episode 111 – LARP and the Psychology of Play (with ...

Download this episode (right click and save) The Rev. Derek White, longtime friend of the show and known to the Internet as “The Geekpreacher”, joins us once again to discuss spiritual warfare! After introducing Derek (and letting him plug GaryCon), we turn our attention to some important information about fake beards […]

Episode 110 – Spiritual Warfare (with Rev. Derek White)