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You’ve resisted taking donations in the past; what’s changed?

A few things. Grant and Peter have realized that some of their initial goals for the podcast simply can’t be met without assistance. We’ve both seen increasing demands on their time over the past few years (Grant’s had two children since starting the podcast, for example!) and we can’t make up for the limited budget through sheer effort anymore. We’ve also realized that no amount of effort can replace good audio and video hardware, or pay for a convention! Lastly, we’ve come to understand that our listeners do want to support Saving the Game and our mission, and that rejecting those offers of support out-of-hand is a bit uncharitable.


Is this replacing your annual charity fundraising drive?

Not at all! We’ll still be doing that (and contributing to it ourselves out of our own personal finances.) Our annual charity drives are for worthy non-profits doing good in the world, like P.E.G. Partners and The Bodhana Group, and have nothing to do with ongoing support for Saving the Game.


Will any of my money be used for the hosts’ personal finances?

Not directly. Of course, part of the goal of every Patreon campaign is to take the financial burden of producing and maintaining creative projects off the creator. However, we’re never going to take money out of the Saving the Game account and use it for personal bills, or a date night, or delicious jellybeans, or anything like that.


Can I request that part or all of my pledge go to something specific?

Right now, no; we’re working with a very limited budget (though less limited thanks to your generosity!) and we need to be careful, considerate stewards of those pledges. If you can suggest something which you think would help us improve Saving the Game, however, please let us know!


I’ve got a good idea for a goal or patron reward; how do I send it to you?

Any of the social media links at the top of our website will provide some means of contacting us. You can also use the form on our Contact page, which will email us directly.


You mentioned forums in your video; what’s the timeframe for putting those up?