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A Fond Farewell

For those who have not heard, we have decided to end the podcast. Next week’s episode will be the last one. I have a draft of a much longer, more introspective post started, but you know what? I’ve been posting a lot of melancholy and bittersweet stuff for the last few months (which has been fitting, don’t get me wrong) and I think I’m done with that for a while.

It’s sad on some level to let the podcast go, but I’m also, at the same time, quite grateful for the experience of having done it. I have really enjoyed getting to know industry and para-industry people, other podcasters, and our small, but wonderful listener community. We’ll go into the thought process around ending the podcast in next week’s episode, but until then, if you’ve been a listener or a reader of these blog posts, thank you, and I appreciate your support.

We’ll be keeping the site and the Discord live for quite some time (our patrons’ past generosity has ensured that) so the community isn’t going away, just the regular content stream.

From all of us (Grant, Jenny, and myself) thank you, and we’ll see you around!

Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

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