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Episode 126 – Resurrection Magic

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This episode, we manage the unthinkable and actually get our quarterly Patreon-selected topic in before the last possible episode! It’s a whole new world, folks. We open up the show by talking a little bit about our assorted podcats, the 200 Word RPG Challenge, Pilates, and a couple of other minor things. Then we move on to a pretty heavy question from Patreon backer Paige: How to memorialize a player in your gaming group after they pass. (We also recommend Fear the Boot’s recent bonus episode on this same question.)

After our Scripture readings, we delve into an equally dense topic: Resurrection in our games. Naturally, we start by contrasting the forms of resurrection ‘magic’ (or technology or what have you) we see in our games with the resurrection of Christ and the promise of resurrection offered through Him. (This leads to an interesting digression about confessions and creeds, and we’re not at all sorry about it.) Then we throw out all sorts of possible complications with resurrection magic, and find hooks in each of them to hang stories and games on. Enjoy!

Scripture: Isaiah 26:19, John 11:38-44, 1 Corinthians 15:35-44

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