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Weekend Reading Being Retired – But Stay Tuned!

The hosts have conferred and we’ve decided to stop producing the Weekend Reading posts.

They require a pretty surprising amount of work to put together, and they just weren’t getting much engagement. However, we’re not about to take something away without giving something back in return!

What we have decided to do instead is something involving streaming.

Grant has already experimented with streaming editing before, and he’s also streamed games of Tangledeep at least a few times, and I’m sure he’s got other ideas, too.

Now that I’m done with school and equipped with a new PC (funded by the sale of my magic collection) I’m in a good position to stream as well. In my specific case, I’ll be looking to stream either creative stuff for the game I’m running on Sunday nights (so mapmaking in Campaign Cartographer and/or Dungeon Painter Studio) or I’ll be streaming any of a variety of turn-based games I have and enjoy. Some early contenders for that list would be Darkest Dungeon, Invisible, Inc., Xenonauts, Dungeons of Dredmor, Hard West, and the Eador games, but there are definitely more – you can pretty much count on me streaming Phoneix Point when it comes out, for example. I’ll probably stay away from anything twitchy because Old Man Reflexes ™ and performance anxiety would combine to make a stream you could only enjoy for sheer schadenfreude.

Jenny actually has young person reflexes and might do something real-time, but I’ll let her speak for herself on this.

We are still hammering out the scheduling, but stay tuned. We’ll probably have something ready to go soon. And by “soon” I mean before the end of this month.

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