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Announcement: New Streaming Schedule

As promised in a previous blog post, we’re replacing Weekend Reading with a biweekly game stream! We’ve already done this once, actually, but we figured it’d be good to formalize things and drop a post explaining how it’ll work.

So here’s the basic breakdown:

On non-recording Thursdays (so every other week, starting with this Thursday, August 2, 2018) one or more of us will be streaming something gaming-related. That could be one of us playing a video game, or it could be some form of prep work for one of our weekly games since Grant and I are both running one now. It’s unlikely to be the same host two weeks in a row and it’s unlikely to be the same thing two weeks in a row, which should give us some good variety.

As the stream goes on, we’d love to hear feedback from you all about what you especially enjoy (or don’t) and we’ll be able to refine from there.

For the month of August, our stream dates are August 2, August 16, and August 30. Grant is taking the first shift, as it were. You can find the link to our twitch channel here. Start times will probably be somewhere between 7pm and 9pm in the host’s time zone and run for about an hour. We’ll announce start times on Facebook, Twitter, and in our Discord server’s General channel once they’re determined and issue reminder messages an hour or so before we start and at the start time.

One issue I ran into during the first stream is that we have a pretty hefty delay baked in, which I, at least, would like to get rid of so interactions are a bit more natural.

It also bears mentioning that this is a minimum schedule you can expect from us. There will probably be additional, if intermittently-scheduled streaming from us. For example, Grant is still planning to stream editing on occasion, and probably some games after he’s done editing for the night. You may also see the occasional “bonus” stream from Jenny or me as well.


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