Bonus Episode 6 – Fear the Con 8 2

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Grant and Peter sat down together—in the same room for the first time in the history of Saving the Game—and recorded a short bonus episode together at Fear the Con 8 in St. Louis, MO! We talked about a lot of games and people, including Mikey Mason [NSFW] and Rev. Derek W. White, but mostly we talked about what we did at the convention and how much fun we had there with the extended Booter family. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Bonus Episode 6 – Fear the Con 8

  • DJZachLorton

    Thanks for the shout out! Grant, you were the perfect Southern gentleman in Colonel Sanders, and I love that your 11 Herbs and Spices turned the Lunesta Butterfly into a fire-breathing pterodactyl . . . or whatever it was. Your one-liners were on point, as well. That was such a fun game; I wish more people that had signed up for it stuck around.