Episode 112 – Playing Above and Below Your Ability 3

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Grant, Peter, and Jenny discuss playing characters who are much better—or much worse—at things than you yourself are! This topic was selected by our Patreon backers, whom we’re very grateful for and who bring you this show every other week. First, though, we spend some time discussing Fear the Con X (which was last weekend, and which Peter and Jenny will run down next episode.) We also briefly discuss Overwatch and Dead Cells. We answer a question about wargaming from Patreon backer Kevin, and then get down to business—which includes a lengthy rant from Grant, and a surprising amount of bickering!

Mentioned in this episode: Dexter Manley; the Campaign podcast.

Scripture:Exodus 4:10, Isaiah 53:1-3, 1 Corinthians 9:22

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3 thoughts on “Episode 112 – Playing Above and Below Your Ability

  • Tom Stephens

    This was a great episode and had me nodding along and wanting to rant along with you. It seems I’m of the same mindset. If you develop skills for your character, you should get to use them as is, even if you as the player have little to no ability in that area. Skill use shouldn’t be filtered through player ability. It defeats the purpose.

    Listening you this podcast finally inspired me to think up my first patreon backer question (I’ll post it over on Patreon as well). All other things being equal do you prefer systems with lots of small focused skills, or ones with broad skills that cover lots of situations? e.g. in a sci-fi game one system might have separate skills for operating a computer, defeating the security system, programming, and repairing computers while another may just have a generic computer skill that covers all of those. Or a game may have separate skills for thinks like bargain, fast-talk, charm, command, etc while another might roll all that into a single skill or even an ability check? Just curious what your thoughts were on the different skill system styles.