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Episode 60 – Our Gaming Curriculum 2

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Well, it’s official: We’re going to Fear the Con 8, and Fear the Con 8 is officially happening, so meet us there! That news aside, though, we’ve got a full episode for you: Grant and Peter reviewing their “gaming curriculum”. These are our suggestions for media of all sorts which you as a gamer should have for reference, read, play, or watch to be a better gamer (and especially a better gamemaster.) The full list of media (with links!) is below the fold for reference, so enjoy!

Scripture: Proverbs 18:15, 2 Timothy 3:16-17





Generally useful RPG books originally written for something specific (one each)

Personal Inspirations


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2 thoughts on “Episode 60 – Our Gaming Curriculum

  • DJZachLorton

    Hey guys. DJZachLorton from the Fear The Boot community.
    Have you ever heard the album “Streets: A Rock Opera” by Savatage? Released about 1990, it follows a storyline that could very much be considered an RPG quest/session. If you can find it, and you’re a fan of progressive rock, hair metal, or Trans-Siberian Orchestra, you’ll definitely dig it.