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Episode 127 – Christian Allegory and Allusion

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We’re back with a discussion of Christian allegory and allusion! This episode, we’re mostly focusing on how this applies to settings, and especially Peter’s ongoing series of setting design blog posts, since the setting he’s creating is designed with allegory in mind.

First, though, we catch up a bit and talk about the games we’ve played! Jenny’s a fan of The Grimm Forest, and talks it up quite nicely. Grant, meanwhile, has a lengthy story to tell about his five-year-old daughter, the card game she designed, and the No Thank You, Evil! “game” she ran for him.

We also answer a question from Patreon supporter “Mister X”, who asks: “What do you think about bennies? A great way to help balance those days with bad luck? A new outlet for powergamers to screw with the game? Another mechanic to clutter games with mechanic-creep?” (As promised, we suggest anyone interested in checking dice math try anydice.com, which is a bit opaque but very powerful.)

Scripture: Isaiah 53:6-7, Matthew 26:26-29, John 1:29-34

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