Episode 94 – Epic Monsters 1

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Grant and Peter are back with a whole host of things to talk about! We start with a bit about the Pugmire campaign Grant just started playing in. Then we answer a surprisingly tricky question from Patreon backer Jim Nanban, who asks us for our “elevator pitch” for RPGs as a hobby. We remind everyone that Save Against Fear 2016 is coming up very quickly (and that you should go if at all possible!) And finally, we reach our main topic: Epic monsters. What do we mean by an “epic monster”? What role can and should they play in your campaign? Why do they sometimes fall flat? And what little tricks and additional details can you add in to really make them stand out to your players? And most importantly, what’s the best story about an epic monster from your own gaming career?

Mentioned in this episode:

Scripture: Job 3:8, Revelation 13:1

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One thought on “Episode 94 – Epic Monsters

  • Tom Stephens

    Thought I’d chime in with my story. It’s somewhat long for a comment so I wrote it up as a blog post on my Arcane Game Lore blog (http://www.arcanegamelore.com/2016/09/21/an-epic-monster-battle/).

    The short version is that we were facing an ancient lich sorcerer (who had been a pain in the party’s side ever since they had awoken him years before) that was attempting to bring the city he once ruled forward in time to the present day. We ended up destroying his plans by enchanting a scimitar to slice through a magical conduit and deprive him of his power source for the ritual he was casting. Disoriented by the sudden disruption of his spell, we were able to defeat him once an for all.

    Sometimes it the little things that make the difference.